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Ancestral Beverages

Ancestral Beverages (Virtual experience)

An exclusive tasting of ancestral drinks live from the municipality of Buenaventura, we will go beyond the flavors and smells; We will get to know the origins and histories of these drinks and their benefits.

The viche introduces us to a culture of ancestral knowledge and ethnic secrets. Macerations of plants, vines, seeds, and spices, an endless number of healthy drinks made with agro-ecological ingredients from the ethnobotanical inventory of the Chocó Biogeographic strip.


  • Virtual Experience.
  • Value: $ 63 USD per person. Maximum group: 15 people.
  • Duration: 60 minutes.
  • The link will be sent to Zoom meetings or similar.


  • Ancestral drinks kit from the Colombian Pacific. (shipment prior to the day of the experience)
  • History and Live Drink Tasting with our expert from the Saul Monard region from Uramba – Patrimonial Drink of the Pacific.
  • Be Pacific host on a platform for interaction and resolution of concerns.


  • Expenses not specified in the experience.


  • Meeting point: Zoom platform or similar.
  • Departure time: according to the experience schedule.
  • The objective is that all participants have received the beverage kit at least 8 days before the experience.

Guide Notes

  • Prepare your salivary glands.
  • A notebook and pencil would not be bad to write down what interests you the most.
  • A friend could be a good companion.
  • Locate your chosen driver, we recommend not driving after this experience.
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