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The tourist region of the Colombian Pacific includes both the coast and its massif. However, the most forgotten territories and with the greatest needs are on the coast and here we focus much of our sustainable tourism, with the purpose of generating economic growth and environmental and cultural care. Nature, adventure and gastronomy are fundamental parts but above all we seek sustainability for the territory.

We offer tourism experiences that involve coexistence with the communities that inhabit the natural destinations, through activities that relate to their culture, their economy, their daily life and how sustainable tourism can be used to visit natural destinations and enjoy them.

Welcome to the Pacific region, where between July and October we are honored with the arrival of humpback whales on their journey from the South Pole. This is a unique spectacle not to be missed and Cali is fortunate to be the only capital of Colombia from where you can go whale watching and return the same day.

Tucked away in the Pacific coast of the department of Cauca lies a small island that hides secrets and a terribly complicated past. Gorgona Island used to be home to what people called in the 1970s as the Colombian Alcatraz.

Our challenge will consist of a walk through the jungle that very few have done and that will take you to Malaga Bay, where the boat that will take you to tour this beautiful bay will be waiting for you.

Live and breathe nature in the San Cipriano Natural Reserve, come to this unique adventure hidden in the Pacific rainforest of Colombia. We will have the opportunity to interact with the local community, use the local means of transportation, the "brujitas", deep in the jungle and go down the river while letting nature beautify your senses.

These are tourism experiences that contain ecological challenges. They can range from cleaning up natural environments to building sustainable solutions for the communities that inhabit natural destinations.

Enjoy low- or no-impact sports activities in natural destinations, which within their programming reactivate the economy of the communities.

Do you know about Plogging? It is an activity in which you will take care of the environment while running through the communities and beaches of the Pacific; whether you are an amateur or a high performance runner, it will be a unique experience in the Pacific. According to your choice and physical condition you will run 5k or 10K; and you will pick up the plastic you find. A small gesture but with which you will feel very good.

It is one of the most visited islands of the Colombian Pacific, every year scientists and divers from all over the world come to it, and it is permanently watched by personnel of the Colombian National Navy, who watch over the conservation of the area avoiding illegal and indiscriminate fishing of sharks, among other species.

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