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The Colombian Pacific is a region of great natural, cultural, and culinary beauty. Be Pacific is a sustainable tourism company that offers a wide range of activities for travelers to enjoy this wonderful region in a responsible way. Our tours are designed to be environmentally and culturally respectful. We offer activities such as whale watching, jungle hiking, kayaking, and much more. By traveling with Be Pacific, you will not only enjoy a unique and memorable experience but also contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

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Eco Living

Our tours are designed so that travelers can get to know the daily life of local communities, learn about their culture and economy, and enjoy the natural destinations of the region in a responsible way. When you travel with Be Pacific, you will not only enjoy an unforgettable experience but also contribute to the sustainable development of the region.


Mission: As a Colombian tour operator, our mission is to share with the world the wealth and diversity of Colombia's natural and cultural wonders. Our company, formerly known as 'Best Pacific Adventures,' is committed to attracting adventurous travelers from all over the world to explore the captivating region of the Colombian Pacific. Our exceptional experiences include thrilling jungle hikes, river and sea voyages, visits to stunning waterfalls, wildlife and flora sightings, and immersion in the fascinating Afro and indigenous culture of the region. As part of our mission, we aim to inspire a profound appreciation for Colombia's natural beauty and cultural heritage while promoting sustainable and respectful tourism practices within the local environment and communities.

isla gorgona

In the Colombian Pacific, about 35 kilometers off the coast of the Cauca department, lies Gorgona Island. This small island is a place of mystery and beauty, with a turbulent history dating back centuries. In the 1970s, Gorgona Island was transformed into a maximum-security prison, known as the "Colombian Alcatraz," where the most dangerous criminals in the country were incarcerated. Today, Gorgona Island is a National Natural Park, home to a rich biodiversity. It is an ideal place for ecotourism, hiking, diving, and snorkeling.

ECO Chalenge

Experience a unique tourist experience and contribute to environmental conservation!

Sustainable tourism is a way of traveling that aims to minimize the environmental and social impact of tourism. There are many ways to practice sustainable tourism, from cleaning natural environments to building sustainable solutions for the communities that inhabit natural destinations. If you're looking for a unique tourist experience that allows you to contribute to environmental conservation, sustainable tourism is the perfect choice for you.

In Bahía Málaga, we offer you a jungle hike that very few have undertaken. This hike will take you through a lush tropical forest, where you can observe a wide variety of flora and fauna. At the end of the hike, a boat awaits you to explore this beautiful bay. You will be able to enjoy its white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush vegetation.

The San Cipriano Natural Reserve is a hidden paradise in the Colombian Pacific tropical rainforest. This place offers a unique experience for nature, adventure, and culture enthusiasts. You will meet the local inhabitants and learn about their culture and traditions. You will journey through the jungle on "brujitas," a traditional means of transportation in the area. As you descend the river, you will observe a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Eco Sport

Enjoy nature and sports sustainably! Discover Colombia's natural destinations through low or minimal impact sports activities. These activities will allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature without harming it. Additionally, you can contribute to the economic revitalization of local communities, as these activities are often organized by local businesses.

Are you in?

Let's take care of the environment while we run along the Pacific! Plogging is an activity that combines running with waste collection. It's a fun and healthy way to contribute to the cleanliness of our surroundings. In the Colombian Pacific, you can engage in this activity in the communities and beaches of the region. You can choose between a 5 or 10-kilometer route, depending on your physical condition. Gather your friends and family and join this initiative to make the Pacific a cleaner and more sustainable place.

Run for the environment!

Malpelo, a protected natural paradise! Malpelo is a volcanic island located in the Colombian Pacific, about 400 kilometers from the coast. It is a unique place in the world, as it harbors a great marine biodiversity, including sharks, rays, tropical fish, and corals. Every year, Malpelo welcomes scientists and divers from all over the world who come to study and admire its natural beauty. The island is also permanently monitored by the Colombian National Navy, which works to protect it from illegal and indiscriminate fishing.

Malpelo is a magical place worth visiting!

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